“IT makes medical treatment more intelligent and efficient”
2016 West Lake International Medical Forum
+ Oct.14th-15th, Hangzhou, China +

𠃊 Introduction𠃍

In October 2015, Hangzhou Jianpei Technology.co.ltd built an international academic communication platform called West Lake International Medical Forum (WLIMF) aiming to make domestic medical & IT resources exchange with international resources. Once upon its establishment, not only the famous enterprises including IBM and HUAWEI but also the government of Zhejiang province and Hangzhou City all supported and participated in. it makes an extraordinary medical & IT event.

This year’s West Lake International Medical Forum, as main forum of the 18th West Lake International Exposition will be held in Hangzhou International Conference Center. This summit will become another International Medical event after G20 Hangzhou. We will invite numerous of specialists and professors famous in the world including international academicians, entrepreneurs and investors in medical and IT fields. The topic of 2016 WLIMF is “IT makes medical treatment more intelligent and efficient “, and intends to discuss how IT can truly serves for big data, intelligent hospitals, medical devices, medical information system and mobile health care.



Prof.Jin LI

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of Fudan University


Prof.He Lin

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Genetic biologist


Prof.He Jifeng

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, IT & Software Specialist


Prof.Guo Qing

Chairman of the health care association of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association


Dr.Paul A. Bunn

Distinguished Professor, University of Colorado, James Dudley Chair in Lung Cancer Research


Prof.Hiroshi Fujita

President of the Society for Medical Image Information


Prof.Liu Jie

Yangtze River scholars, The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars


Xu Yichun

Aliyun Internet Plus director



Prof.Li Tiantian

The founder and chairman of the board of DingXiangYuan


Dr.Sanjiv Agarwala

Chief of Medical Oncology and Hematology for St. Luke’s University Health Network


Prof.Li Lihua

The dean of health information and instrumentation engineering college


Prof.David Flores

Co-Founder,President&CEO of BioCentury


Prof.Chen Xinshi

Director of the editorial department of the Chinese Medical Journal


Prof.Shen Jianying

Honor student of Tu Youyou


Dr.David Garfield

ASCO Certified oncology specialist


Prof.Wang Yueying

National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Youth Scholars

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Oct. 14

Main forum
IT makes medical treatment more intelligent and efficient

Host:Leadership Development Zone

10:00-10:20   Opening ceremony + Opening address

Host:rof.Li Lihua

10:25-10:55   Key Note Speech(Prof. Jin LI The hereditary susceptibility of disease)

10:55-11:25   Key Key Note Speech(Prof. He Jifeng How medical+IT reverse the future)

11:25-12:15   Panel Discussion (about how IT makes medical treatment more intelligent and efficient) 3 foreign specialists +3 Chinnese specialists +1 government official+1 entrepreneur+1 IT engineer

Oct. 15

Sub Forum
Please Go Away ,Mr Tumor!

Host:Qiang Jiang

09:00-09:30   Key Note Speech (Dr. Agarwala Speaking for immunotherapy)

09:30-10:00   Key Note Speech(Prof. Liu Jie. The early alarming of tumor malignant transformation)

10:00-10:30   Long Distance MDT (Chinese and American Oncology Specialist)

10:30-12:00   Experts Sharing (the most forward Progress of Tumor Therapies, immunization therapy, Drug targeted therapy, etc.)

Sub Forum:
Medical Treatment& Big Data

Host:Prof.Liu Jie

14:00-14:30   Big Data Technology Demonstration+ The launch of secret medical product

14:30-15:00   Key Note Speech (Prof. Hiroshi Fujita. The development of computer-aided diagnosis in medical image.)

15:00-15:30   Key Note Speech(Prof.Guo Qing The health management in Internet age)

15:30-16:00   Key Note Speech(CEO Cheng of JP The latest development and applyment of big data in medical image )

16:00-17:50   Experts sharing (Director Xu Yichun The solution of cloud storage of medical image; Pro.f Yang Xiaokang When VR technology can completely apply in medical treatment; Pro.f Li Lihua The big data analysis of breast carcinoma; Pro.f Yu Jianming whether the development of medical image could change the future of medical treatment)

17:50-18:00   Lottery Time



Location:Hangzhou International Conference Center


Subway: Subway Line 4(Citizen Centre)

Train: East Railway station > Subway Line 4(Citizen Centre)

Airplane: Hangzhou Xiaoshan International airport

> Airplane Bus( Line East Railway station) > Subway Line 4

West Lake International Medical Forum

Presenter: West Lake Exposition Organizing Committee Office

Hangzhou Economic& Development Area Management Committee

Organizer:Jianpei Technology

Co-organizer:Zhejiang Health Information Association

U.S. Chinese Anti-Cancer Association

The BayHelix Group


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